Abstract Impressionism

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Lukas Halza

Lukas Hazla is a contemporary Abstract Impressionist born on 5 October 1985 in NovĂ˝ Bor, a small city in the north of the Czech Republic surrounded by beautiful pine woods, hills and sand rocks. Lukas graduated at the Secondary Industrial School of Machines and Electronic in Liberec, where he studied electronic computer systems. He then continued in his non-artistic studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University

in Prague, where he studied Mathematical Methods of Information Security.

Lukas Halza is an exclusively self-thought artist who still lives and paints in Prague, Czech Republic. The size of his paintings range from very small to very large canvasses. All paintings of Lukas Halza share some common properties such as soft transitions of colour and contrast. They usually have rectangular shapes and vivid colours.

When he is not painting, Lukas enjoys the game of kings - Chess; currently as an amateur enthusiast. Lukas adores natural sciences such as mathematics, physics and astronomy. His studies also include Law and Economy. Apart from chess and reading, Lukas enjoys programming, as he has many years of experience as a Java programmer. His latest project was a complete management system in the form of a web application for kindergartens and any institution that manages people/courses/payments.