Abstract Impressionism

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Lou Jordan

Lou Jordan is contemporary master of watercolor, light filled landscapes, skyscapes and Lyrical Abstracts. She studied fine arts at Smith College in Northampton and New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. Lou Jordan lives in New Orleans near bayou St. John. She is an inspiring teacher, workshop presenter and art-show judge. Lou Jordan has sold over 300 paintings in the past ten years from her Bancroft home and gallery. She paints luminous veils of transparent watercolor, night-sky and reveries over near by bayou and collages full of color and geometry

Lou Jourdan's paintings were shown in solo shows in New Orleans, Covington and Bay St. Louis. Her painting can be also found in The Upstairs Gallery in Bay St. Louis MS, Lagniappe Gallery in Cottonwood MS, Bancroft Studio Gallery in New Orleans and

Studio Angelico in New Orleans. Lou Jordan is signature member of Louisiana Watercolor Society and was president of Louisiana Watercolor Society. She received first prize at Louisiana Watercolor Society Member Show on 1996 and 1999. Her art works were featured in International Artist Publications books. Watercolor abstract impressionist paintings of Lou Jordan are very beautiful full of colors and soft contrast variations.

Lou Jordan's statement, March 2009 After the upheaval and destruction of the Katrina flood, it was two years before I was able to paint again. All my creative energies were taken up with repairing our damaged city, our flooded home and my studio, and dealing with the ugliness and anxiety all around me. Finally in the fall of 2007, the pent-up images in my artist’s soul burst forth, surprising me with the intense color and imagery they portrayed. I left behind the atmospheric landscapes I am known for and ventured into the world

of large, very bright acrylic canvases, abstracting into geometric forms the playful carnival aura of New Orleans. I then discovered the excitement of watercolor on Yupo, a slick, plastic-like surface where one can manipulate the paint, producing wonderful textures and super-bright colors. I soon moved into large paintings that are semi- abstractions of memories and metaphors: bridges, cities, the cracks between dimensions, towers, a sense of space and timelessness and that which is "beyond." Then after a workshop in planned abstraction with John Salminen AWS, probably the best of the current watermedia painters, I learned to play with shape and color, producing paintings that are described as strong, bold, and sculptural. Now it is with great anticipation that I enter my studio, never sure when I start out what the end result will be, but knowing it will always be an adventure, and that my years of training, painting and teaching have give me the tools I need to produce something exciting, beautiful and full of meaning.