Abstract Impressionism

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Cara Gonier

Cara Gonier is contemporary award winning landscape artist on Boston's North Shore. She paints beautiful impressionist landscapes from more abstract point of view. Her work has been featured in solo, invitational and juried exhibitions. Represented in private and corporate collections in the US. Cara's work has been described as atmospheric, meditative and evocative alluding to landscape in minimal detail while keeping the viewers interest with subtle flux

in tones and textures. Abstract impressionism of Cara Gonier is hard in its technique, but soft in its nature.

Cara Gonier's statement: "I can describe my artistic process as a balance of planning and intuition influenced by my studies as a classical vocalist. I use music as a catalyst for visualization and movement as I work along the surface of the canvas layering heavy body acrylics with palette knife. With intention, I do not impose my thoughts or exact inspirations so I may encourage the viewer

to create their own journey and find personal significance in connection to my art. Painting is never a release or means of escape from reality for me. Only when I feel most connected, have the most clarity, when I am overcome with gratitude and awe of the world around me, only then do I paint. I am fortunate to be painting so often. I love the ability of others to pick up on this positive energy I have applied to canvas and in this shared resonance, I am fueled to create."