Abstract Impressionism

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Anne Stahl

Anne Stahl is contemporary abstract impressionist artist born in Germany, 1968. Collections of Anne Stahl can be found in Barclays Bank Ireland, Hart Howerton in San Francisco, BBC Northern Ireland and many others. She is also Co-Founder of CorkStop Studios. Anne Stahl showed in Atmodsphere, California 2012, Steynberg Gallery, and many other galleries. Her painting style is kind of a heavy abstract impressionism.

Anne Stahl Statement:
My work is inspired by the natural world. Its beauty and its cruelty. Its hostility and its hospitality. Its paradoxes and its contrasts. When looking at nature, one can't help but see its destruction at the hands of humans. It is virtually impossible to find unspoiled nature.

has been severely compromised, Our planet's ecological balance and phenomena such as global warming and the deterioration of the ozone layer affect every inch of the planet. I feel strongly that each of us must use the tools at our disposal to preserve and restore the natural world. As an artist, I employ visual language to address these issues with the goal of awakening interest and inspiring my audience to action. I also work with groups such as the IPCC (Irish Peatland Conservation Council), and biologists, to learn more about each series' subject in order to better understand and communicate its essence. Those who cannot be reached by depressing news about the dire state of our world may be reached by images of its beauty (Ansel Adams successfully showed this) and the threat imposed on it. Art has the power to make one see things in a new light. It allows us to develop a love for places and things that we would otherwise not have noticed, or thought of as ugly or boring. It helps us discover

the beauty of the ocean floor, the dirt that is bog, the bark of a tree.

Anne Stahl Approach:
Rather than re-creating a landscape on a canvas, I aim to express its essence. Obviously, no single work can hope to distill the complex spirit of a landscape, much less the infinitely sophisticated ecology that sustains it. So, in order to capture this richness, I work on a large number of paintings concurrently. This allows me to transport strong elements and effective techniques from one piece to the next. Each multi-layered rendering shares some details with the other works in the series. The overlap of elements enriches each individual expression and deepens the cohesion within the series. Ultimately, each piece captures some fragment of the landscape's power until the larger body of work coalesces to express its deepest essence.